For Advertisers

Build Your Customized Private Exchange Powered by SMGX

Curate, build and buy media in your ecosystem with the SMGX platform. Plug in to direct publishers and major supply sources easily. Direct PMP connections, 3rd party data sources and customizable optimizations including CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI and CPV. 

Choose from multiple formats:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Native
  • OTT
  • Audio
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For Publishers

Header Bidding, Real Time Bidding (RTB), and Ad Operations

Configure, install, and implement a complete header bidding solution with the ability to plug into publisher platforms for scalable analytics. SMGX offers prebid.js header bidding installation with client to server and server to server integrations. Use your existing infrastructure to implement SMGX unique demand by plugging them into your wrapper or ad server. Our proprietary technology includes malware and fraud detection powered by leading 3rd party providers.

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Maximize Your Reach and ROI

Reach Your Audience with Targeted Strategies and Programmatic Advertising Solutions

SMGX is your solution for buying and selling advertising space across networks to sell your products and services for the lowest cost and getting the most back on your money spent.

Customizable Strategies

Use the SMGX platform to build your customized digital exchange. Control your trading desk, publishers, data and advertising optimization.

Effective Solutions

Reach a larger audience more efficiently with SMGX and create more growth and increased ROI.

Work with SMGX

Track your results and make adjustments to your campaign in real-time. Easily control all aspects of your campaigns and ads.

Determine the specific audience you want to reach and engage with them across hundreds of websites.

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Reach your ideal customers with sophisticated, high-tech targeting tactics across all channels and devices.


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